Zanzibar Travel Guide
Zanzibar Travel Guide

Zanzibar Travel Guide

   1.A personal introduction

   2.Facts at a glance

   3.Zanzibar's History
         First inhabitants
         Early Arab settlers
         The second millennium
         Portuguese rule
         Omani rule
         Sultan bin Ahmed
         Sultan Said
         Early anti-slaving
         Sultan Said in Zanzibar
         The capital of Oman
         Slave trade opposition
         European explorers
         End of Said's reign
         Later explorers
         Division from Oman
         Livingstone & 'Stinkibar'
         Livingstone & Stanley
         Sultan Barghash
         Scramble for Africa
         A British Protectorate
         End of the 19th Century
         Into the 20th Century
         Road to Independence
         Revolutionary Zanzibar

   4.Politics & recent history

   5.People and Culture
         The Shetani Of Zanzibar
         Music and dance
            Bi Kidude
            Modern Taarab
            Venues and recordings
         Visual Arts
         Zanzibar doors
         Baraza benches
         Traditional games
         Dhows of the swahili coast

   6.The Economy

   7.Zanzibar Town
         Guides and the 'Papaasi'
         Travelling around Zanzibar Town
         Safety in and around Zanzibar Town
         Where to stay in Zanzibar Town
            Exclusive Hotels in Zanzibar Town
               Africa House Hotel in Zanzibar Town
               Beyt al Chai in Zanzibar Town
               Emerson & Green Hotel
               Zanzibar Serena Inn
            Upmarket hotels in Zanzibar Town
            Mid range hotels in Zanzibar Town
            Budget hotels in Zanzibar Town
            Shoestring hotels in Zanzibar Town
         Where to eat and drink in Zanzibar Town
            Top end (average main course US$10 upwards)
            Mid range (average main course US$5–8)
            Budget (average main course less than US$5)
            Hotel & local restaurants in Zanzibar Town
            Cheap Eats in Zanzibar Town
         Bars and clubs in Zanzibar Town
         Entertainment in Zanzibar Town
         Freddie Mercury
         Shopping in Zanzibar Town
            Special Items to buy
         Local services in Zanzibar Town
         Communications in Zanzibar Town
         Email, internet and Post in Zanzibar Town
         Hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and police
         Places to visit in Zanzibar Town
            Guides around Stone Town
            The market in Stone Town
            Livingstone house
            The palace museum
            Beit al ajaib (House of Wonders)
            The Arab Fort in Zanzibar Town
            Tippu Tip's House
            The Anglican Cathedral
            The palaces at Mizingani
            Mosques of Zanzibar Town
            Forodhani Gardens in Zanzibar Town
            Saint Joseph's Catholic Cathedral
            The Hamamni Baths
            The Old dispensary
            The Old Customs House
            St Monica's Hostel
            The Peace Memorial Museum
            The Zanzibar Archives
            Other places of interest in Zanzibar Town
         The East African slave trade

   8.Around Zanzibar Town
         South of Zanzibar Town
            What to see and do
            Where to Stay
         North of Zanzibar Town
            Princess Salme
            The Zanzibar railroad
            Bububu Bububu Village
            Fuji Beach
            Persian Baths
            Where to stay
         Islands near Zanzibar Town
            William Lloyd Mathews

   9.Northern Zanzibar
            Where to stay
               South Beach
               West Beach
               Nungwi Village
               East Beach
            Where to eat and drink
            What to see and do
               Diving in Nungwi
               Fishing in Nungwi
               Sailing in Nungwi
               Dhow-building and harbour activity
               Turtle sanctuaries in Nungwi
            Where to stay in Kendwa
               Mailika Bungalows in Kendwa
               Amaan Kendwa Beach Resort in Kendwa
               La Rosa Dei Venti in Kendwa
               Kendwa Rocks Resort in Kendwa
               Sunset Bungalows in Kendwa
               White Sands Beach Hotel in Kendwa
               Les Toits de Palme in Kendwa
               La Gemma Dell'Est in Kendwa
               New PlanHotel Villas in Kendwa
            Where to eat in Kendwa
            What to do and see in Kendwa
         Regional excursions

   10.Southern Tanzania Safaris
         An overview of your trip
         Selous Game Reserve
            Where to stay in the Selous
               Beho Beho Camp
               Sand Rivers Selous
               Selous Impala Camp
               Selous Safari Camp
               Rufiji River Camp
               Sable Mountain Lodge
               Camps and Campsites in or near the Ruaha
         Ruaha National Park
            Where to stay in the Ruaha
               Jongomero Tented Camp
               Mwagusi Safari Camp
               Ruaha River Lodge
               Mdonya Old River Camp
               Camps and Campsites in or near the Ruaha
         Saadani National Park
            Where to stay in Saadani National Park

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